The first construction phase of houses in their suburban context

This new residential development comprises 18 three bed family houses, 12 two bed apartments and 4 two bed wheelchair accessible houses. 

All of the homes are designed to achieve or exceed London Plan requirements and all comply with the Lifetime Homes Standards.  The wheelchair accessible houses are designed to comply with Mayor of London Best Practice Guidance and relevant Habiteng standards and all achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.

Construction is scheduled to complete in September 2019.

In an area of high car ownership, particular attention is given to the design of the streetscape to ensure it creates an attractive, safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists and children that cars do not dominate.  Pedestrians are given priority with adequate off-street parking to create pleasant, tree-lined streets. Visual changes in surface types, planting, street furniture and raised areas slow traffic and discourage haphazard on-street parking.  The new street becomes a public amenity.